Tatami mat museum

Opening time            9 o'clock a.m. more  3 o'clock p.m. (on Sunday/holiday closing)

Entrance mansion information  Faosimile the advance in, or l inquire it by phone

  Structure reinforcing rod concrete floor space 198 u

It leans against the tatami, back and pillow etc. even to spot sale   inspection commemoration please

   address   1-12-3 Matsumoto Urawa-shi Saitama Pref. 

( Saitama Pref. tatami mat high job training school 3rd floor)

TEL 048 (861) 1738

  Traffic guidance JR Musashino line/west Urawa getting off, walking 10 minutes

Many of the works by the student of the Saitama tatami training school

Even the device that understands the world of the tatami  with the glance a high-class floor tofinished goods from

Yaetatami lt uses it  high and noble persons use

At present I would like you to have fun until go heart and introduce. even application one etc.of the 

tatami that werw suirted.