Job training corporation

Saitama Pref. tatami mat high job training school
Person who wants to try to become a tatami worker

1, We shall have self-confidence and pride as the tatami skilled laborer.

2, We shall raise the sentiment voluntarily.

3, We shall cultivate the education as the member of society.

4, We always shall respect responsibility and courtesy.

5, We shall intend it to be had the favorable impression.

Outline of the training school

Western-style -ization of importance in the middle of the modern life that got worse, as the place where is able to have "the latitude" of heart and body and be reviewed and" the life, it that spread "tatami are far it is evaluated the worth highly from, the foreign country and the demand is being increasing. It is the translation that naturally, the improvement of the tatami mat engineer is demanded. Thereupon, it is done first all day ago the boarder I, able to be choosing it and, in preparation for the era when should come the severe, I carry out the skill training that is directly associated the guidance of "the tatami mat skilled laborer" to the business affairs immediately and advocate and, be able to cope with the examination standard of "the nation authorization" and by, such a result that is greatly sending the skilled laborer who is taking an active part and become the nucleus with the front of the industry at present widely introduction in the mass media of the television, newspaper etc. including winning a prize from the Labor Minister in the whole country as "a Saitama Pref. tatami mat high job training school" in April, in Showa 44. There is such a privilege that only "the practical training" takes tests and "the achievement test", is remitted on the occasion of the taking tests of the second class skill authorization and be authorized that "the skilled laborer is appointed at the time of training school graduation and pride in 100% until the present even the pass rate of the authorization and the acquisition skill of the graduate is evaluated highly from the industry.

Training period

The new fiscal year measures the Osamu profit of a specified subject line basis practical training while esteeming the cultivating of the disposition as the member of society in the party life of all all the day dormitory and go to school in the appointed day to the training school, while benefitting the application practical training and also machine operation Osamu in each place of business of the training school instructor from the fiscal year 2 and combine of basis practical training to that is contrary and benefit the speciality subject Osamu.


Becoming with allowance is supplied in addition, training school to each place of business burden even the expenses from each place of business from the fiscal year 2 the burden of the parent disappears. The skilled laborer training that is able to have enforcement of the training trip (the foreign country) at the time of mountain climbing, baseball, graduation , large regions views of to that measure mutual harmony through all the academic years, as practice out of the school is being aimed at. It is the pride of this training school, to be taking an active part in the tatami mat industry, while over 600 graduates, being evaluated Osamu profitable skill highly with the disposition as the member of society that got during the being school to to the present and keep the aforementioned characteristic.

*And aiming at an excellent tatami skilled laborer it is that welcomes that the youngster assembles.