Tomita tatami shop

The head office


   3-9-16Hon-cho Kawaguchi-shi Saitama Pref.



5-2-16 kamiaoki west on Kawaguchi-shi Saitama Pref.

Inauguration in 150

Remaking such as the tatami mat/sliding door/Shohji/interior design construction work. Whatever Please entrust it.

The movement of the furniture in tatami mat change is not anxious and do here. The estimate is free. Inquire even FAX even by phone,

Tatami mat Japanese mat

 Office TEL 048-222-4586

Factory TEL 048-268-3977

          FAX 048-222-4548

Please send it as it is (switching).


I am waiting the telephone

 Mold appeared  (the 21st century style, the method atami mat dryj

Mold sometimes occurs to the many time tatami mats of humidity. In the case that it can not, although if it dries in the good day of weather it is good the vacancy can tatami mat of it raises the holder downward and make the condition where tatami mat passes wind even downward and moisten the room with air conditioner etc. and dry mold and please apply the cleaner.

Although able to row and burn it attached

 . In case of small or big scorch, you may bleach it by oxygenated water. Please consult it to tatami shop.

Urine of the pet

Being about to swing  baby powder and flour before wiping it causes to absorb it. And it dries it with dryer etc. after wiped several times and remove powder.

 Please hear,be a tatami shop to not understand about other case.